Europeans have been consuming content through their television screens for decades. However, this activity seems to be in the middle of a revolution, especially since the coronavirus outbreak. Modern-day individuals can find various entertainment options beyond the traditional cable or linear formats, typically opting for Video on Demand (VOD).

Key Advantages Of Programmatic Advertising Over Traditional Methods

While traditional channels of advertising still hold an important place in the marketing mix, marketers are learning that the benefits of using programmatic advertising go beyond automation, including: real-time insights, improved transparency, complex audience targeting, virtually unlimited reach and cost management.

Is AI-Fueled Programmatic Advertising Breaking Digital Marketing

Programmatic advertising, where machines purchase ads instead of humans, has made advertising faster and more efficient. Instead of buying an ad from a salesperson with human negotiation and a manual insertion order, programmatic advertising makes ad buying easy, fast, and automated.

global trends

As today’s consumers spend more time on digital platforms than watching traditional cable or satellite television, companies have been slowly shifting their ad budgets from TV to digital for years. Now, with the coronavirus pandemic, advertisers are spending even more on digital advertising relative to TV commercials.

retail ecommerce

The retail eCommerce industry has seen massive global expansion in recent years, but Western Europe, in particular, has seen incredible increases. This year, this region was seeing healthy growth in both the aggregate and its overall share of the retail space, but that was before the pandemic hit.

Attributes of the Modern CMO

Marketing is crucial for any brand. As consumer habits and marketing strategies change, the role of the Chief Marketing Officer has evolved as well. These days, marketing is much more strategic, data-driven, and integral to the growth of the company. CMOs are more involved with corporate strategy.


In programmatic advertising, purchasing decisions for each advertisement is carried out by algorithms within milliseconds. Working with the right Demand-Side Platform allows the marketing team to inject its efforts elsewhere in a campaign, including strategy and messaging.


Ad operations (or “ad ops”) teams optimize and manage online advertisements with special software and workflows. Nearly every company that uses online ads should have a specialized department or team—whether in-house or outsourced—that performs ad ops duties. In this article, we’ll look at what ad ops teams do