Makes your TAG scalable & ready to go


Automatically manages your creative assets according to the placement where they will be executed. Let you optimize your creative execution across devices, without requiring any programming skill and without writing any line of code. Open and cross-platform and it works with any 3° party tag, VAST tag o XML feed from any integrated ad-server / platform in the market 


Responsive and cross-device Smart Tag
The Smart Tag will automatically detect both the client and the publisher page environment switching on the right configuration and behavior within 3° party tags.
Flexible DNA – turns your creatives into engagement GTG tags to serve across programmatic or premium buying, without any custom requirement on ad-server side


Streamlines your marketing activity, letting you focus on your customers.
Intuitive UI sprints your creatives at scale, in just 5 non-time-consuming steps.
The most innovative open and codeless creative automation suite, easily brings your Ads to the next level without writing a single line of code