Driven by programmatic advertising, our technology solutions adapt to your business goals

Technology Partners

Our technology solutions adapt to your business’ ever-evolving needs with decisions backed by rich data and programmatic advertising. By leveraging our far-reaching experience in the European market, we are your ideal partner, offering integrated services that perform. Our clients enjoy highly-functional and fully autonomous media and advertising systems that allow them to reach targeted, qualified prospects.

Consulting Services

Our reliable and broad support network is just one powerful resource you’ll gain access to as a client. When you enlist our results-driven consulting services, your business will be able to take advantage of years of experience in the marketing and ad tech sector. As trusted European solutions providers, Eikon Tech offers infrastructure that will evolve with your organization, with consulting services that last for as long as you need them.


Zeta offers superior performance and conversion across every channel. Their AI technology combined with their 750M+ deterministic identities expand reach on higher-quality audiences.

The Neural. ONE platform improves engagement in your digital marketing campaigns through dynamic creative generation including HTML5 and different video formats aimed to deliver the right message based on user's behavior.

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